We provide a clear cybersecurity strategy, advising businesses on data privacy, information security, risk management, and compliance requirements. Our cybersecurity program service brings together many top security professionals to protect your business.
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What we do

We truly believe that behind those security walls created by powerful systems, infrastructures and technologies, businesses rely on people and processes to fight against threats, to resolve breaches and reduce risks. You can only enhance existing processes and educate security-concerned employees by the use of coherent and optimized security management activities, security standards and frameworks that best suit your actual status, requirements and future needs.

FORT meets your current need for governance and security management with best designed consulting services that bring you value, trust from your customers, security / privacy-related knowledge and guidance at reasonable rates.

CISO as a Service

Develop and maintain a strategic information security program to tackle all security challenges.


Track incidents and extract relevant evidence to report on cyberattacks or disruptive events.


Make security part of your DevOps process to secure applications and manage risks.

Security Architects

Get a comprehensive diagnosis of your IT systems and identify improvement opportunities.


Assess your systems or sub-systems against information security good practices.


Minimize any potential security issues that may negatively impact your projects.


Get professional support for security controls implementation and maintenance.


Prepare for disruptive events and minimize service downtime.

Maturity Assessments

Measure your organization’s current maturity level to identify strengths and improvement points.

as a Service

Fulfill your obligations under the GDPR and ensure efficient privacy governance.

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