Cybersecurity Assessment

Through both insider tests, outside tests and application tests, we can help your business prevent intrusion by detecting vulnerabilities in advance.

What we do

We strongly believe that testing your security is the best defense against real malicious attacks. Security testing uncovers vulnerabilities, threat, risks within informational systems and prevents malicious attacks.

FORT‘s purpose is to help you identify all security weaknesses and loopholes within your systems before a real attacker does.

Exploited vulnerabilities can result in information, financial and reputational loss for your organization.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities within your organization’s information systems to reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

Penetration Testing

Control the exploitation of vulnerabilities to test your organization’s resilience and capacity to react to security incidents.

Social Engineering

Test your employees’ susceptibility to different types of persuasion and manipulation techniques.

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